Under the Radar: The Mike Edmonds Story

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Since his first movie role in Ken Loach’s Black Jack (1979), Mike Edmonds has stolen scenes in some of the most iconic movies ever made – from Time Bandits (as the none-too bright, Og) to Return of the Jedi (as Ewok-shaman, Logray), along with countless others, including Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Legend, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Dark Crystal and The Empire Strikes Back.

Born with achondroplasia (or dwarfism), Mike discovered his acting talent in his thirties and went on to forge an exhilarating career – one that has seen him trade lines with Olivier, tour with the Royal Shakespeare Company and entertain millions of kids as diminutive badass Little Ron in the much-loved BBC series Maid Marian and her Merry Men. He’s also responsible for operating that most expressive of all cinematic appendages: Jabba the Hutt’s tail.

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In this frank, funny and fascinating documentary, Mike talks about his Essex childhood, his early breaks in film and the many high points he’s enjoyed, whilst providing his own unique perspective on the actor’s craft. Colleagues past and present line up to reminisce and give their views on what makes Mike such a brilliant collaborator – including Colin Firth, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam, Jeremy ‘Boba Fett’ Bulloch, Red Dwarf’s Cat, Danny John Jules, theatre producer, Paul Elliott, and BBC director, David Bell.

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Following the success of the 50 minute version, which screened at Southend Film Festival and at the prestigious Hot Springs Documentary Festival in 2016, the producers began work on an a 90 minute extended cut which was finally completed in 2019.

This full feature length version was selected by Film London as one its four breakthrough features of 2019 and debuted at London Screenings in June that year. It was then premiered to the public at Raindance Film Festival in September 2019. Due to the Covid pandemic things then went quiet for film for over a year. However, in April 2021 the film was screened online, worldwide at the London Independent Film Festival, where it was awarded Best Micro-budget Feature Film 2021!

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Mike Edmonds, Colin Firth, Michael Palin,  Terry Gilliam, Robert Watts, Danny John Jules, Mark Billingham, Vin Burnham, Jeremy Bulloch, Jimmy Vee, Sue Hodge, Arti Shah, Paul Elliott, Day Murch, Kevin Thompson, Simon J Williamson and others.

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